Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Endless Possibilities

Lately I have been spending more time in my “garage” studio, working with clay. It’s so nice to make some time for it again. It isn’t like riding a bike, your muscles have to remember again, how you throw and move the clay, it’s those tiny gestures that bring out the characters in your work. You also have to remember all those little nuances that made your work, your work. It’s weird though, I realize that I have changed and what worked for me in the past is not holding the same attention as once it had. So, I stopped working and decided to do some researching on the “internet” for some ideas. That was a good idea and a bad idea.

I got lost on Pinterest, I love Pinterest but Wow! It can waste a lot of my time. I looked on ceramics daily, also a favorite website of mine. Lots of free videos too, so it’s nice to see other ceramic artists at work. I also found a Canadian group called, “Make-and-do” it featured some local talent. It was all so inspirational and there are so many ideas out there.

Which is great and awful all at the same time. Because with so many ideas bouncing around out there, it’s easy to be caught up in everybody else’s stuff. You think, “oh I should try that, or that, or that!!!” and the list goes on and on. The truth is I can’t try it all (I would if I lived to like 500 years) So I guess my point is, I got distracted. It’s easy to get lost in all the information, ideas and all the great work out there. It can be both inspiring and leave you a bit lost as where to begin. As much as I enjoyed my day of research, after it all I knew I just needed to focus on my work, what I want to do, what specks to me. The work I enjoyed today was other peoples amazing ideas and their work that they have worked hard to develop, I totally appreciated it. I will say I did enjoy looking, but now I am ready to start doing. I finished tiling my sign today, and am hoping to get a bisque firing in by the weekend.

Another great part of this week, the weather. It’s been gorgeous out, perfect fall weather. 

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