Monday, February 8, 2016

Sh*t Sandwiches and Roadblocks

We have all had to deal with sh*t sandwiches. Those nasty things and circumstances you personally choose to have or take so you can ultimately accomplish your goals. Elizabeth Gilbert talked about learning to love shit sandwiches in her book Big Magic. She referrers to shit sandwiches as sacrifices people make to reach their goals, be more creative in their lives, or putting-up with some unpleasant task at their current job. I personally have set up my ceramic studio in our garage. It’s not perfect, in the winter it is generally breezy and cold and in the summer it gets a lot of bugs and dust. I share it with the other uses garages are for. My vehicle now sits outside, and at 5:30 in the morning in the winter I am scraping off ice and snow so I can get to where I need to go. I know, right? That isn’t even a big deal and I know that, but occasionally when it’s very cold outside, I do miss my vehicle parked in the garage.

Roadblocks are different, it’s like trees that have fallen over the road, the zombies we encounter, or the path that is so covered that we no longer can find our way clearly. Roadblocks come from other people's demands of us, competition and ill-will from others; maybe, it's bad timing, money, or something from within us like self-doubt. Roadblocks are not things we want to put up with for the sake of something greater. They are things that are making it harder to achieve our goals. we have to fight against roadblocks and go to battle with it to achieve our goals. It takes hard work and determination. It's never easy removing fallen trees over our path. If we are going to reach the places we want to go, we have to be insightful enough to to know what shit sandwich we are willing to take and what are the road blocks we need to conquer. What we need to get out of the way so we can accomplish our goal. Sometimes those roadblocks are subtle and not obvious to us, a bad habit or thought process getting in our way. In any case, those roadblocks are the biggest issues to overcome.
There is a difference between the two, sometimes obvious and sometimes subtle; however, one we can put up with, and one we need to get out of our way. For me, it's fear. Fear of failure and it can keep me standing in one spot unable to move one step ahead. I need to get the chainsaw out and start cutting that fallen tree in half to manageable movable parts so I can get it out of my way and keep going. :)

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