Sunday, April 6, 2014

Spring is just about here.... I saw some sun! :)

Is it just me but when I see the sun shinning and blue skies it makes me so bleeping happy. It feels so good to know spring is on its way. It seems as if it's been a very long winter and I am ready for some good weather, like seriously ready (along with everyone else). I noticed there are more birds around which is great and my tulips are sprouting. All good signs. My kids are I were off riding bikes today. My daughter, who got a new bike this year from Cycle Path was so pleased with herself for finally not being afraid to ride. She turned and asked me, "Mom what did you think when you first saw me riding my bike without the training wheels?" and I was like, "Oh, my goodness I thought how incredible brave you are!" and it's so true, how children have to go through so much growing and so much of it requires them to be brave and stretch themselves. Sometimes it's scary to have to grow-up. But she had such a great big smile on, you could tell she was proud of herself. Then I wondered if adults loose some of that desire to stretch, do we run away from being "brave" and taking off the figurative training wheels. I don't know, but I am proud of her pretty much daily.

In the past I use to plant my herbs and plants early in spring, starting from the seeds, sadly I was not always successful. But I do keep trying and have discovered that there is a real art to gardening. I like to plant herbs. It's the first thing I plant along with tomatoes, strawberries, and sweet peas. I wonder what others plant and what makes them come to that decision? I have decided to make garden markers and begin to sell them on-line. I can custom make them to whatever you like to plant. What I like about the markers I make it that the porcelain tag is sitting above the ground on a wire. It keeps it from being constantly wet and dirty, I just think they are really cute too. They are made with porcelain clay with a shiny durable glaze over top on one side. I also make mugs for teachers gifts. School is going to be out pretty soon, so what I nice way to show appreciation to teachers with a handmade mug. Some of the mugs have nice sayings, like "dream" and "believe" and you can also personalize the mugs if you email me in time. My email is and the mugs are $25.00 each. They are wheat field beige coloured in the inside and a wonderful blue/green ocean desire glaze on the outside.

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