Saturday, September 8, 2012

Week One... (Medalta)

I have decided to blog about my year at Medalta by weeks. (I hope I can keep this up) This is week one -- It started on a Tuesday, as it was the long weekend.

Tuesday we found our spots. I got this one -- Pretty Cool or what!!!! lots of space, and I really like the natural light. I love having a window. (more about the quality of light later)

Okay, so serious I have not done ceramics for seven(ish) years. I dove into this, as the opportunity in my life is such that I could do it. Yes, it's money and time. And to be honest I wasn't sure if I should invest in it. I struggled with this all summer, and I even had times during the first week wondered whether or not I should be doing this ( to late to question ) . Not because of the facility or anything like that -- But ME personally. I don't feel like an artist per say, I feel as if there was a race going on and I forgot to show up. I am rusty and behind and I have forgot things.

I have also been so excited and happy to be in it as well, I feel lucky. I am more excited of what "will be", and what I will create. I am excited to see how for me, how I can finally create without the agenda of working for someone else. This is really strange as I am use to being practical and working for others. Now suddenly I can make what I would like and I feel completely lost. Not that I don't have ideas, I do. I am rusty and unsure how to processed and how to let go and create.

The light on my trimming tools.

In some way I feel as if I am still in the seed stag at this time. It has been a long time in my life since I last allowed myself a chance to create. I was very fumbled fingered, I bumped things a lot, knocked over several thrown cups. I am clumsy for now while I adjust. Others are not. They have no problem adjusting. They did not stop like I did. And there is a great bunch of people there too. I would love to introduce everyone. Maybe later. For now, lets see where I will go with it all. I actually do have plans.

1. Figurative sculpture
2. Wheel thrown cone 6 work. (Tweaking my glaze)
3. Photo Transfere work
4. Glaze study


  1. I look forward to being part of your journey through your blog posts. I bet once you get back into the swing of things, it will be a great growing experience to experiment, learn and create on your own terms again.

  2. Kat you are creative, talent & wonderful person. This will be an amazing time for you



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